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Hemp Lyfe started in our family’s living room. We had been discussing natural alternatives to help Susan, Cindy’s mother, cope with the ailments of her battle with cancer. Although her cancer didn’t have a cure, we were in search of something clean, safe, and pure as she fought through her final days. That’s where we researched and found CBD. We had taken it in the past but it wasn’t until this time in our lives when we saw the tremendous health benefits it encompasses and it was such a blessing because Susan found tremendous relief during her remaining days.

Although Susan lost her battle in July of 2018, we knew we wanted to honor her legacy in some form. With CBD being a natural go-to for our household, and our family having a passion for holistic health and wellness, we thought why have a CBD business with an emphasis on living a more vibrant lyfe? Susan was an entrepreneur throughout her life, and she would be so supportive of this idea so we took the leap of faith, did a ton of research, and got to work! Richie and Cindy, the co-founders started Hemp Lyfe back in October of 2018, and found the importance of keeping as much of the company duties within the family and from there, included their daughters Whitney, President of the company, and Kilee creative director to help lead Hemp Lyfe towards success. —


Meet the Jaynes Tribe

Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, President-Hemp Lyfe

Whitney Jaynes

Whitney Jaynes was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where she grew up playing soccer, earning high school MVP honors, and eventually a spot representing the regional and United States national team. During her high school career, Whitney was ranked a four star recruit and #28 nationally.  She received a scholarship to play soccer for The University of Texas where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. After graduating, she played soccer professionally but an injury led to early retirement.

Passionate about the fitness/health and wellness industry and earning her certification in TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training and TRX Suspension Training, opening her own fitness center in the Dallas Fort Worth area, Elite TRX Training Facility. She then moved to Austin where she currently is a group fitness instructor through EXOS for Google and other local fitness studios.

Her expertise is in group HIIT training and she uses diverse modalities for training, nutrition, recovery, and overall holistic wellness, which led her to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach through Trinity School of Natural Health. During her career in sports and fitness, Whitney discovered CBD and personally noticed the tremendous benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally leading her to implement CBD in her fitness career. Whitney Jaynes and her fiance, retired NFL Player MJ McFarland, live in Austin with their first baby girl. They both aspire to be entrepreneurs and help impact lives through CBD and health + wellness.


Sister, Daughter, Creative Director-Hemp Lyfe

Kilee Jaynes

Kilee Jaynes was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where she grew up playing volleyball. She then earned a position to play collegiately at Tyler Junior College. Kilee has a creative and entrepreneurial spirit, which has led her to moving back to Plano to start her business endeavors and help out the family company. From photography and graphic design, to social media management and content creation, she has instilled her role as the creative director for Hemp Lyfe. Kilee has a passion for the Cannabis industry and sharing with others the positive benefits it can have on an individuals life. Because of this, she assists in research and development for our company with goals to expand her knowledge in this industry.

Mom, Wife, Co-Founder-Hemp Lyfe

Cindy Jaynes

Cindy Jaynes is the co-founder of Hemp Lyfe.  She has been interested in health and fitness most of her life. She was a national class runner and ran through college attending The University of Texas Austin and Texas A&M. Her claim to fame is she held the State of Texas 1600m record (4:43)for 23 years. She has a lifelong love for health/wellness. Cindy and her husband, Richie had built a successful supplement/health business the last 22 years. Their focus has always been on how to keep and stay healthy.

When Cindy’s mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma 4 years ago, she and her family members started their research on finding alternative options to help their matriarch. That is when they found CBD and all the benefits CBD provides. Although her mom was the main reason To use CBD, she soon realized all the benefits. CBD was for everyone not just those fighting disease. She and her family have used CBD products the last 4 years. She feels it is a good daily add-on for general good health, recovery, and sleep. Her favorite product is the Dream gel-caps which not only help her get to sleep fast, but also help her stay asleep through the night despite her husband’s snoring.

Cindy’s hope is that their products help you to live a vibrant life as well.

Dad, Husband, CEO-Hemp Lyfe

Richie Jaynes

Richie Jaynes has years of business leadership and even more years of Business success. Richie received an athletic scholarship to play football and received his degree in Kinesiology and Sports Studies. Upon graduation he received a position as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach at a major university in Dallas,Texas achieving one of his goals in life. At the early age of 23 he bought one of Dallas’s top fitness and athletic sports training centers centers, pursuing his life dreams.

Continuing to be called higher and pursuing his entrepreneurial skills. At the age of 27, Richie became one of the top producers in, a nutrition company that has pioneered the world of Athletic and Well-Being supplementation. Richie has recruited and lead a team of over several thousands of people and his team has generated sales in excess of several hundred million dollars. Richie received many awards and recognition’s for his outstanding performance and became one of the top producers in that company. One of Richie’s highest accomplishments is being a contributing editor to a Best Selling book with Richard Branson called Performance 360 Special Edition Success. Receiving the honor of The National Academy of Best Sellers Authors Best Sellers Quill Award.

"I'm proud to have built a world class cbd company"

Richie’s entrepreneurial spirit will not let him rest. He has gone on to help create some of the most successful businesses. Ranging from the oil and gas industry to real estate investments. To creating and formulating and starting a world class nutritional products in a company called 360RX.

Richie is most proud of his latest and greatest achievement in the business world, that is being able to partner and start a business called Hemp Lyfe with his family. Along with he his wife Cindy and his two daughters Whitney and Kilee. They have created a world class lifestyle CBD company. That is destined to change the landscape of the CBD space. Bringing to market its cutting edge products and helping people live a more vibrant life. It is their goal to help people live better, feel better and perform better. With Hemp Lyfe they are creating a movement. Join the tribe.

Why We are different

Exclusive Products

We use breakthrough technology in our cannabis manufacturing processes to offer the most exclusive collection of CBD products with the highest bioavailability you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

Tested Hemp Oil

100% percent of our products are tested for purity and effectiveness to ensure you’re getting the most supreme CBD ingredients on the market with every puff (or sip, or bite).

Validated CBD Oil

Hemp Lyfe is a validated CBD supplier, and we have the credentials to prove it. All of our products are certified so you can be confident in your purchase.

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