Top Tier Commission

The Hemp Lyfe Tribe Affiliate Program has the highest commission rate in the CBD industry allowing you to build tiers of earnings.

Three Level Commission

Hemp Lyfe Tribe is not a MLM program but we do offer tiered commissions which reward our members for sharing our program with others.

Premium CBD Products

Hemp Lyfe is a line of premium CBD products with exclusive products that you'll be proud to share with your friends, family and network.

Tribe Support & Coaching

Our Hemp Lyfe team is here to support you every step of the way with free resources, and coaching to set you up for success.

the hemp lyfe tribe affiliate earnings program

The Hemp Lyfe Tribe is a premier  referral program that’s free to join, simple to share, and built for you to earn.  Our CBD affiliate programs offers one of the highest commission structures in the industry because we believe that our team should be compensated for their work.

When you share your personalized  Hemp Lyfe URL and products are purchased through your personalized Hemp Lyfe URL.  You will earn up to a 25% commission from each retail purchase

When you share your personalized Hemp Lyfe Discount Code to offer your friends, family and followers a 10% New Customer Discount, you will earn up to 25% from each retail purchase. 

Our power is numbers

Unlike other affiliate programs, Hemp Lyfe is designed to support your success.  Our three tier system allows you to build a team of affiliates without the messy downlines of MLM programs.  Our payment structure is straightforward and easy to understand.  We charge no enrollment fees, memberships fees and there is no cost to you to join.  Just sign up, get your personalized link and start earning!


On all sales directly from your unique affiliate link.


On all sales from affiliates that you enroll in the program.


On all sales from affiliates that they enroll in the program.


On all sales from affiliates that they enroll in the program.

The Tribe program terms

Commission Type Pay-Per-Sale 15% for each sale you deliver plus up to 10% more commission based on affiliates you refer to Hemp Lyfe.

Excluding affiliate purchases when a coupon code is used.  Affiliates are offered an every day discount of 20% on Hemp Lyfe products for your affiliate-only coupon code please contact us

Affiliate discount codes are assigned on an address basis and can only be used on orders shipping to the affiliate’s home address. 

We’re a family owned company and while we understand that everyone loves to save money, affiliate self-placed orders that use coupon codes will not be approved for a commission + discount percentage that exceeds 20%.

Payout Requirements $5.00 USD – Minimum balance required for payout.  Payout Duration Payments are made once per month on the 1st or the first business day following the 1st, for the previous month.

It may take up to 2 to 3 business days for payment to show up in your account. Paypal account is required in  order to receive payment.

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