Dream Full Spectrum CBD Bedtime Bundle

Bundle and Save on Our Favorite Bedtime Supplements!

  • One-Dream CBD Inhaler
  • One-Dream CBD Softgels
  • One-Dream CBD Powder Blends

Hemp Lyfe Dream CBD products are our line of CBD-infused softgels enhanced with natural relaxation boosting ingredients like melatonin and valerian root. Manufactured with only the purest ingredients utilizing our trade secret 3-step process to ensure you maximum effectiveness, our softgels are created to help you have peaceful, dreamy nights.*

* Softgels, gummies & dried fruit may melt during transport if the temperature is hot. 

Dream Full Spectrum CBD Softgels with Melatonin 750mg

Hemp Lyfe Dream CBD Softgels are full spectrum hemp CBD softgel supplements enhanced with melatonin to promote peaceful nights and a sense of calm and relaxation.  Hemp Lyfe CBD products are premium, 3rd party tested CBD made with only the purest ingredients.

* Softgels, gummies & dried fruit may melt during transport if the temperature is hot. 

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Dream CBD Inhaler Lavender Chamomile

Flavor - Lavender Chamomile
100 servings / 2 puffs per serving
  • 10mg full spectrum cbd per serving
  • 150 micrograms organic valerian per serving
  • 200 micrograms organic lavender per serving

Just two puffs of the Hemp Lyfe Dream inhaler delivers 10mg of full-spectrum CBD to provide quick bioavailability infused with organic lavender and valerian specifically designed to help you have a peaceful night's rest. We offer 3 unique blends in a variety of flavors for smooth, discreet dosing that goes where you do. Compare each inhaler below and choose which fits your lifestyle best or try them all in our exclusive Buy Two Get One Free Bundle and save $79.95!

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Dream Night Time CBD Powder Packs

CBD Full Spectrum Powder with Melatonin
20 Servings // 10 Dream Powder Packs

Hemp Lyfe Dream CBD Blend is an exclusive CBD-infused powder with 500mg of melatonin specifically designed to make the most of your nightly snooze. Created with only the purest ingredients, our Dream Blend helps you feel like you are floating on air while dreaming the night away.*

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